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Information for Maaser Social Day Care, a Adult Day Care in Brooklyn NY:

Name: Maaser Social Day Care
Address: 3031 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235
Contact Phone: (917) 498-4211
Website: http://maasersocialdaycare.org/
Specialty Programs Available: Hot nutritious meals twice a day, individualized and approved by a Dietitian; Daily healthy snacks; Zumba Fitness, Yoga, TaiChi, Dance lessons; Russian/Turkish baths and Swimming pool; Arts and crafts; Games and Billiards; Computer classes; Mental Stimula
Details: Maaser Adult Social Day Care is a rest and recreation center for seniors and functionally impaired individuals. We provide a comprehensive program that encourages members to socialize, explore their interests, strengthen their health through nutrition and personal care and lead a more interesting, fun and meaningful life. Above all else our certified and well-trained staff understands the importance of safety, creating a secure and protective environment. Our members enjoy physical fitness and meditation classes, educational and language classes, lectures on nutrition, health, politics, religion and current events from prominent community individuals, chorus and piano classes, game time, arts and crafts and in-house live concerts and events. Our members also receive in-house beauty salon treatments, weekly access to pool and Russian baths and monthly outings to museums, concerts and special events. During the summer we host fun beach events, BBQs and so much more! Hot meals are prepared and delivered daily by approved restaurants and caterers. The daily menu is carefully selected by an in-house Dietitian and is individualized for each member based on his/her needs and dietary restrictions. We operate from our two branches in Brooklyn on Emmons Avenue, next to the bay and Manhattan beach, in an area that has always been a favorite destination for Brooklyn residents and on Brighton Beach, walking distance from the beach and Coney Island. We are also located in the heart of Jamaica Chamber of Commerce on Jamaica Ave in Queens.

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