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Westminster Interfaith Caring Place Adult Day Service
300 Industry Street, Suite 100
Florence AL 35630
(256) 275-3800
Westminster Interfaith Caring Place (WICP) is a community-based service for frail and impaired citizens who need assistance in their daily lives. Many times, a loved one’s health diminishes to the point of needing physical assistance with ordinary tasks that most people take for granted. These ordinary tasks become looming obstacles for those afflicted with some form of dementia or frailty of body from aging or stroke, or neurological disorders. Often the person so afflicted cannot be left alone for even brief periods of time. But most people want to stay in their own home with their spouse or a family member, rather than be separated from them at this vulnerable time in their life. Not only is the cost of a long-term care facility high, that sort of place might not be the ideal first step in solving the care-giving need. Your loved one may only need a place to spend a part of the day, enjoying mentally stimulating activities, and participating with others in creative exercises such as painting classes, crafts, photography, music, games, and a daily exercise routine suited to their particular needs and health status. Family caregivers have needs also. The first need that caregivers usually voice is for “rest.” They need to look after their own health, do routine shopping, bill-paying, banking, and all the minutiae of modern day life. Caregivers can quickly become fatigued and begin having their own health issues after spending a protracted interval of relentless oversight and hands-on care of a loved one. And often the family member needs the freedom to continue working in order to provide for the financial needs of their own family even if the afflicted family member has their own resources. Adult day services makes this not only possible, but also an economical alternative. Participants in adult day service programs are able to remain at home up to two and half years longer than is normally the case for those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. This is a win-win option of care for caregiver and care recipient and helps preserve a family’s resources. WICP is committed to providing better days ahead for both caregivers and care recipients. We think you’ll agree that the programming, nutritional meals, and hands-on care we provide can be a boon to both you and your loved one.
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