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There are about 2 adult day care providers in CALDWELL.

Adult Day Health at Human Service Alliance
620 Everett St.
Caldwell ID 83605
(208) 459-4425
Human Service Alliance shall enroll participants under the following conditions: Accept individuals for whom they are able to provide the service the participant requires and as authorized; Ensure there are sufficient skilled staff available on site to deliver service to the consumers enrolled in Adult Day Health; No participant shall be enrolled in Adult Day Health who has pressure sores or wounds that are not healing, who require continuous nursing assessment or intervention, who has draining wounds for which draining cannot be contained nor for those whose needs are beyond the level of fire safety provided by Human Service Alliance. Human Service Alliance will ensure sufficient personnel are on site to assure the safe and proper care of participants to meet the physical and cognitive status of the participants and ensure the size and layout of the facility meets the needs of the participants being serves. Staff participant ratio shall be a minimum of one staff to 6 participants. Adult Day Health at Human Service Alliance includes opportunities for watching movies, doing crafts, socialization, snacking, playing games, napping, and playing with the Wii. Adult Day Health includes recreational activities, maintenance of self-help skills, assistance with activities of daily living, provisions for trips to social functions and/or provision for special diets.
Alzheimer Dementia Center Adult Day Health
6121 Caldwell Blvd
Caldwell ID 83607
(208) 991-2551
Alzheimer Dementia Center Adult Day Health provides a safe and secure program for seniors who live at home but may need additional help during the day. These services in the community allow us to assist in keeping your loved one at home. Close to home, we serve seniors with diverse physical and cognitive issues. Our program staff helps clients with a wide range of needs function at their best, emotionally, physically and intellectually and allows those needing some assistance to get the help they need while continuing to live in their own home. The Alzheimer Dementia Day Health Center provides a safe and secure environment outside the home where seniors receive outstanding care that is best suited to their specific needs. Staffing ratios are based on the level of care that our participants require. For basic needs, a 6:1 ratio is provided. For those with more complex needs, a 4:1 ratio is provided. Our highly-skilled team works to improve the physical and mental well-being of clients, providing care and helping them improve and maintain their self-esteem and individual level of independence.
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