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Information for PACE CNY, a Adult Day Care in East Syracuse NY:

Address: 115 Creek Circle, East Syracuse NY 13057
Contact Phone: (315) 452-5800
Website: http://www.pacecny.org/
Ownership Type: NON-PROFIT
Specialty Programs Available: Day Care: Recreational Therapy, Outside Activities, Meals, Nutritional Counseling, Transportation, Social Work Services, Aide Service, Spiritual Counseling, Showers (Aides assist), Whirlpool Tub Bath (Aides assist), Handicapped Bathrooms, Rehabilitation Services; In Home Care; Rehabilitation; Recreation Therapy; Medical Care/Services; Medication Management; Transportation
Days Open: MON - FRI
Normal Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Details: PACE CNY has been providing services since 1997. It is one of only 115 PACE providers in 32 states. PACE CNY, provides a convincing blueprint for the future of eldercare, where an interdisciplinary team approach to senior care can actually improve quality of life in a cost effective manner. The potential for improving quality of life is remarkable when you consider national PACE statistics, which mirror Loretto’s experience locally. A full 68 percent of older adults in the PACE program are 75 years and older. They have an average of 8 diagnosed medical conditions including ailments like hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, dementia (45 percent, with another 30 percent showing cognitive impairment) and coronary artery disease. At the heart of the PACE model is a team of geriatric healthcare specialists that provides in-depth evaluations and individualized care plans for each participant. Daily meetings allow the team to closely observe and manage all health and long-term care services for each individual. While nursing homes will always have a place in the total mix of services, families are often unaware of other options. Now, PACE CNY is your most flexible option! The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) conduct bi-annual surveys to ensure a high quality of care.

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