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Information for Elwyn New Jersey’s Adult Day Care Services at CATC, a Adult Day Care in Vineland NJ:

Name: Elwyn New Jersey’s Adult Day Care Services at CATC
Address: 1667 E. Landis Avenue, Vineland NJ 08361
Contact Phone: (856) 794-5209
Website: https://www.elwyn.org/
Ownership Type: NON-PROFIT
Details: Elwyn New Jersey’s CATC provides an adult day care option for individuals with disabilities. CATC is an Adult Training Center (ATC) located in Cumberland County, New Jersey. It is located at 1667 East Landis Avenue in Vineland, on the ground of Elwyn New Jersey. Individuals accepted to the CATC program must be 21 or older, quality for services under the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJ-DDD) and be able to benefit from the type of programming and activities provided at the CATC adult day care program. Individuals who attend CATC function at a lower level of ability, requiring all activities to be completed with hand over hand assistance. The CATC staff work with individuals on basic living skills. These skill activities include learning hygiene self-help skills related to toileting and washing. Other adult daily living skills activities worked on at CATC include taking one’s lunch out of the lunch bag and eating lunch with as little assistance as possible which, in most cases, includes hand over hand assistance. Individuals participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The various program rooms at CATC are arranged to support smaller groups so that each instructors can work more closely with each individual to provide the care and support that he or she needs. Most individuals are non-verbal, so CATC staff are highly tuned to each individual’s way to expressing him or herself. Music appreciation is one of the activities that many individuals attending the program enjoy. Some individuals like to watch a specific cartoon, finding interest in the bright and colorful drawings and movement of the characters. CATC individuals are involved in participating in their community. Trips include going to the zoo to see the animals while strolling through, going to the neighborhood park, or feeding the ducks at the pond or lake in the neighborhood. Vehicles are available for transportation on community trips. Many individuals enjoy taking a ride in the vehicle to see the holiday decorations or to just watch cars and pedestrians.

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