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Information for Immanuel Pathways - Central Iowa, a Adult Day Care in Windsor Heights IA:

Name: Immanuel Pathways - Central Iowa
Address: 7700 Hickman Road, Windsor Heights IA 50324
Contact Phone: (515) 278-4803
Website: http://www.immanuel.com/
Specialty Programs Available: Therapeutic and Recreational Center Services; Transportation to the PACE® Center and medical appointments; Home Care; Primary Care; Prescription Drugs; Emergency Services; Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Dentistry; Social Services; Nutritional Co
Details: You’ve spent a lifetime building your home. It’s where you’re comfortable. Relaxed. At your best. There, surrounded by memories is where you want to be, and we want you to continue living there as long as possible. Our Immanuel Pathways program brings the care to you; in your home and in the PACE® Center, so all your needs are met. This non-profit Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) offers a complete health plan for eligible individuals. Our comprehensive team of health-care professionals manages not only your well-being but also your connection to the community and the life you’ve made in your home. It’s a more personal and complete way of getting health care.

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