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Information for Chandler Gilbert Arc - Day Treatment for Adults, a Adult Day Care in Chandler AZ:

Name: Chandler Gilbert Arc - Day Treatment for Adults
Address: 3250 N. San Marcos Place, Chandler AZ 85225
Contact Phone: (480) 892-9422
Website: http://www.cgarc.org/
Ownership Type: NON-PROFIT
Details: This program focuses on providing adults diagnosed with developmental challenges experiences and activities geared to increase their abilities in areas of their lives including personal care, socialization, gross and fine motor skills, communication, and community and leisure activities. Program participants can engage in a variety of structured activities in the facility to promote skill development. In addition, an integral part of the program is using the community as an experiential resource. Museums, restaurants, stores, parks, movie theaters, botanical gardens, farms, and a wide variety of places are used to help the participants learn what is available to them as citizens. The Day Treatment program can be seen as a precursor to vocational training, offering prevocational skills including hand-eye coordination, attention to a task, working cooperatively to complete a project, and response to supervision. Day Treatment may be a supplement to vocational training, offering socialization and community leisure experiences to help broaden the participants interactions with others and community awareness. Day treatment may be seen as a unique resource to assist participants maintain the skills they have, with trained staff providing physical or supportive assistance as needed. The program offers a 1 :4 staff to participant ratio to promote a positive therapeutic environment. Transportation is also available to persons living within specific geographic areas, depending on vehicle capacity. The drivers are trained DTA staff.

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