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Information for Menno-Olivet Care Center - Adult Day, a Adult Day Care in Menno SD:

Name: Menno-Olivet Care Center - Adult Day
Address: 402 South Pine, Menno SD 57045
Contact Phone: (605) 387-5139
Website: http://www.mennosd.org/profiles/mennoolivetcarecenter/MennoOlivetCareCenter.htm
Details: Menno-Olivet Care Center was made over 30 years ago. People from all different churches decided there needed to be a nursing Home in the Menno-Olivet region. Records are found as early as April 1967 to organized a steering committee, this committee was made up at people in the churches of the Menno-Olivet region. This committee gathered information regarding size, building structure, operation and financing by consulting and visiting other nursing homes of similar size. Chairman Bender, Edwin Aisenbrey, and the rest of the committee did a survey in the Menno-Olivet area too see in the community felt the need for a nursing home. 92% voted in favor of the new nursing home. As the votes were counted and by a land slide the Menno-Olivet care center was built.

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