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There are about 2 adult day care providers in WILLIAMSPORT.

Albright LIFE Lycoming - Clinton
901 Memorial Avenue
Williamsport PA 17701
(570) 322-5433
Albright LIFE (Living Independently for Elders) helps seniors live safely in the place they call home by providing services that address their personal, medical, physical and social needs. These services take place at Albright's Adult Day Health Center in Williamsport and in the participant's home. Families and caregivers also appreciate the support and benefits the program provides, and say they consider LIFE a true blessing.
Hope Enterprises Adult Training Facility
2401 Reach Road
Williamsport PA 17703
(570) 326-3745
The Adult Training Facility (ATF) is a social/recreational day program for adults with developmental disabilities, located on Reach Road in Williamsport. Specialized programs directed by human service professionals aim to: improve daily functioning and health; increase participation and communication; provide activities and adaptations that meet unique needs. Individuals in adult training range in age from 21 to the elderly. Over 75% live in group homes while others live in family living programs, personal care homes or at home with their family. The ATF has developed specialized programs for individuals with unique needs, whether requiring extensive personal care such as tube feedings or disability-specific adaptations: The Autism Room: This room enables us to make environmental adaptations for individuals to ensure that their unique needs are met. The Geriatric Program: This specialized program allows individuals to enjoy activities appropriate to their age, such as visits to the local senior center. From music, arts & crafts, and cooking to exercise and other seasonal activities, the program is geared toward the desires of individuals. Sensory motor activities provide health benefits, improve function, and increase participation, improving quality of life. Individuals can participate in volunteer programs at nursing homes, the SPCA, Early Learning Programs, preschool, and Meals on Wheels. Twenty four volunteers contribute over 1000 hours of their time every year. They are recognized annually by some of the organizations during Volunteer Month, which is held in April. Thirty eight staff, including five human services professionals, provide support to over 100 individuals with intellectual disabilities, many of whom are very physically or medically involved. Our staff are trained in very specific areas, such as Alzehimer's in individuals with Down's Syndrome. While regulations require 1:6 staff to individual ratio, the ATF provides a 1:4 or 1:5 staff to individual ratio. It is in the philosophy of ATF staff to be keenly aware of the wants and needs of each person, and to provide flexibility and options in programming. This social/recreational day program for adults with developmental disabilities is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the Department of Aging. The program receives its funding from the Lycoming-Clinton County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Program and private contracts.
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