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There are about 2 adult day care providers in WEST LAFAYETTE.

Joyful Journey Inc.
600 Lindberg Road
West Lafayette IN 47906
(765) 607-6156
Joyful Journey, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit, adult day service provider located at 600 Lindberg Road in West Lafayette. Open since late July 2015, Joyful Journey operates Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, as a non-medical, home away from home, social daycare program for those adults age 18 and over who are unable to stay home alone safely during the day. Those who might benefit from our services include persons with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Autism, Down syndrome, etc. We seek to serve those adults who need daily supervision or who might otherwise have to enter a nursing home prematurely due to Caregiver fatigue or unsafe conditions. We call those who stay with us "Friends". In a recent survey conducted by the Indiana Association of Adult Day Services, there are 37 centers in Indiana presently providing care for more than 700 persons any given day. In 2013, around 2000 Hoosiers received care at an Indiana Adult Day Center. Only 5 states have lower rates of utilization of Adult Day Services than Indiana, and Indiana has higher utilization rates for nursing home care than 41 states. We will be the only specifically focused, Adult Day Service home within 50 miles of Lafayette. At full capacity, Joyful Journey can serve approximately 25 "Friends" at any given time throughout the week with a Friend/Caregiver ratio of 4-5 to 1. Joyful Journey provides care and kindness to those who are currently being cared for at home by their family or friends. Caregivers will rest assured that their loved one is in the hands of trained, compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Each Friend is encouraged to engage in fun and meaningful social, mental and physical activities, minimizing the effects of their disabilities and maximizing what they can do independently. Trained community volunteers along with trained hired staff enrich the lives of our Friends while providing socially interactive visits. Joyful Journey’s home has the aesthetics of a real home yet provides specialized features for the comfort, care, safety, and enjoyment of our Friends. For example, if a Caregiver finds home bathing a difficult task for their loved one, Joyful Journey can relieve them of that burden. Friends can attend half or full day and enjoy a nutritious lunch and snacks. Caregivers benefit by being able to work comfortably, rest assured, feel encouraged, and remain connected in the community throughout the week, yet keep their family intact for as long as possible. Joyful Journey is a part of a larger community of fellow adult day centers and is a member of Indiana Association of Adult Day Services. We utilize the connective resources of Circle of Friends West Lafayette, Area IV Council on Aging, Indiana Veteran’s Home and other community caregiver based organizations. Our purpose is to be an important part of the continuum of care for families within our community.
Trilogy Health Services, LLC - Adult Day Services at Cumberland Pointe Heal
1051 Cumberland Avenue
West Lafayette IN 47906
(765) 463-2571
For individuals caring for a loved one at home, trying to identify the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, dementia or other forms of memory challenges can be difficult. Knowing how to provide the proper care can be even harder. We offer respite care and adult day services at select Trilogy health campuses to give daily caregivers a break and provide some tips for coping. These services are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for short-term stays of a few hours or an entire day. Additionally, some campuses offer adult night services, for caregivers who need assistance or a break during the evening hours. Our Adult Day/Night Services offer a structured program of activities, health monitoring and socialization for adults who have physical or cognitive challenges and/or who may require supervision or assistance with personal care or other daily living activities. Adult day services can also benefit family caregivers by enabling them to maintain their work schedule or to receive needed respite, and by providing them with direct services like support groups and educational programs.
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