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There are about 2 adult day care providers in SUN CITY.

Benevilla - Sun City Adult Day Program
15800 Del Webb Boulevard
Sun City AZ 85351
(623) 977-8274
Maximizing independence begins with a plan and setting goals. Professional oversight and personal desire create a winning combination for participants recovering from stroke or injury requiring physical therapy. These are the goals of Sun City Restorative Care. The Benevilla Restorative Care Program: Promotes activity, mobility and independence; Increases muscle strength and balance; Enhances confidence and self-esteem; Focuses on preventing deterioration wherever possible. The physical challenges of stroke, injury, extended hospital stays, or other long-term care needs that require physical therapy also challenge personal independence. The focus of restorative care is on each person’s potential rather than on a diagnosis or limitations. By creating a team approach of personalized, short-term, and achievable goals, participants are encouraged to reach and maintain their highest level of function. A registered nurse provides medical oversight. Benevilla professionals partner with personal physicians and licensed physical therapists to tailor a wellness plan for each participating individual, setting appropriate goals for progress. Restorative aides provide participants with support and assistance with a dedicated routine of daily exercises designed to enhance their regular physical therapy sessions. Exercises are performed one-on-one or in small groups to continue honing strength and abilities. Specialty groups are dedicated to balance, stretching, safety awareness, strengthening, and fall prevention. Since 1985, Benevilla’s Sun City Restorative Care has successfully served the needs of people with various health-related issues.
Benevilla - Mary's Place Adult Day Program
14601 North Del Webb Blvd
Sun City AZ 85351
(623) 815-1100
The challenges of caring for someone with advanced dementia are eased with the support of exceptional people at Mary’s Place. Mary’s Place Memory Care is the only location in the State of Arizona that specializes in providing day services for adults living with the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia-related disorders. The program is named after long-time Benevilla donor, volunteer, and honorary board member Mary Bovard, who inspired many with her zest for life and caring for others. The programming focus of Mary’s Place is to identify the strengths of each participant, working work with them to make the most of those opportunities, which ultimately helps preserve memory. A registered nurse provides medical oversight, including medication administration, regular monitoring of weight and vitals, care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, and many other services requested by the primary physician.
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