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There are about 14 adult day care providers in LOUISVILLE.

DayBreak Adult Day Center
2120 Payne Street
Louisville KY 40206
(502) 357-5538
DayBreak at Sacred Heart Home is a community within a community. We focus on hospitality, affirmation and the care and support your loved one needs. Because our care is provided in centers with a specially trained staff, we can handle your loved one’s complex health-related needs. We provide a peace of mind knowing your loved one is spending the day in a safe, fun and socially engaging environment while receiving compassionate care. For you, we simplify and co-ordinate their care so you can spend time enjoying being with your aging loved one instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to manage their health and emotional, social and spiritual well-being. We provide a diverse program that is complimented by our hands-on approach to care, and benefits from our ability to offer assistance with personal care and medication administration.
Heartsong Adult Day Health Care Program
9260 Stonestreet Rd.
Louisville KY 40272
(502) 935-3300
Heartsong’s Adult Day Health Care Program is located adjacent to the residential community. Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:30pm, the adult day health care program supports the health, nutritional, social, and daily living needs of your loved ones with dementia in professionally-staffed, group setting. Our goal is not only to provide much-needed respite for the at-home caregiver, but to also improve the physical and mental well-being of those who attend. Heartsong’s day program is a licensed health care program specializing in care for persons with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We also offer programs of care for those recently dismissed from a medical facility as well as socialization for the elderly who would otherwise be alone.
Alternative Adult Day Health Care Center
147 Wilma Ave
Louisville KY 40229
(502) 955-1750
A home away from home for the most important loved ones in your life.
Fern Creek Highview United Ministries Adult Day Center
9300 Beulah Church Road
Louisville KY 40291
(502) 762-9612
FCHUM provides services to frail older adults and their families at its Adult Day Center at 9300 Beulah Church Road in Louisville, KY. The Adult Day Center which started out as a social model Adult Day Center in 1990, has been a state licensed health model Adult Day Center, with a full-time nurse, since 1996. The Adult Day Center balances cognitive activities with physical activities in a structured fun-filled day. An optional breakfast is offered, along with a hot lunch and an afternoon snack. Activities include exercises, games, music and other entertainment, intergenerational activities, pet visits, and much more. Individuals coming to the Adult Day Center need supervision because of health or cognitive challenges. Many participants have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other type of dementia; others are recovering from strokes, have problems with balance, or have other health related issues such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or depression.
Southwest Family YMCA Adult Day Health Center
2800 Fordhaven Road
Louisville KY 40214
(502) 933-9622
Our Adult Day Health Center offers a safe, structured environment for senior adults during the day. It also affords family caregivers an opportunity to remain employed outside the home, take care of personal and business needs, or simply have an uninterrupted break from the daily responsibilities of care giving. We opened in 1992 as a social model adult day and was then granted state license to operate as a medical model adult day in 2000. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Our goal is to maintain and/or enhance each person's physical, cognitive, and social capacity. In doing so, senior adults are able to remain living in their own homes or those of their family caregivers. An interdisciplinary approach to care involves professional, qualified staff in meeting the individual needs of each participant and family. Here at the Y, we know that developing and maintain peer relationships outside of the immediate family is so important for our health and well-being. The day-to-day opportunity for socialization affirms each senior's dignity and self-worth. Many of our participants have memory impairment due to stroke and/or Alzheimer's Disease. A person with such characteristics can benefit from a structured daily environment with mental stimulation that includes mental trivia games, reminiscing exercises, daily reminders, etc. Whether there is a physical health concern or a cognitive challenge, our program can help. We are able, as a licensed health facility, to provide health care monitoring, basic health services and rehabilitation therapies. We also provide a daily range-of-motion and flexibility exercise class lead by our trained Y fitness staff, as well as weekly pool exercise classes.
Active Day of Hikes Point
3403 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville KY 40220
(502) 491-3302
This Medical Adult Day provides comprehensive day services for adults who need varying levels of care and supervision. We enable participants to live more independently, while providing support and relief to care givers. Our services include nursing care, activities and on going therapies that are designed to, not only maintain adults' physical health, but to add new dimensions to their lives by helping them rediscover avenues of social, creative and recreational enjoyment.
Kaleidoscope, Inc. Younger Adult Day Health Center
10330 Bunsen Way
Louisville KY 40299
(502) 495-1662
We are in the smile business. The center provides structured therapeutic activities, health and case management services, rehabilitation and other ancillary services.
ElderClub Adult Day Care
631 South 28th Street
Louisville KY 40211
(502) 776-3066
ElderClub provides a safe, comfortable and friendly environment for older adults who need supervision during the day. This Adult Day Care program provides a structured program of social, recreational and health-related activities coordinated by a team of caring professionals.
Christian Care Communities Adult Day Center
1015 West Magazine Street
Louisville KY 40203
(502) 815-6465
Christian Care’s Adult Day Center offers personal care, nursing care, activities and meals – in a safe, home-like setting. Our day program is designed especially for adults who need assistance with daily living activities as a result of physical or mental impairments. Our spacious center is staffed by a highly experienced team of professionals and is completely wheelchair accessible. We also can provide or coordinate transportation services for your loved one.
Access Adult Health Daycare Center
908 DuPont Rd, Ste 101
Louisville KY 40207
(502) 891-0029
Access Adult Health Day Care Center is a facility in Louisville, Kentucky that provides patient care, activities, and nutrition for elderly adults and individuals in need. We offer our participants the opportunity to interact with others and enjoy a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. In addition, our highly trained staff of Access Adult Health Daycare center provides health services, social work, and transportation.
South Louisville Community Ministries Adult Day Center
4100 Southern Parkway
Louisville KY 40214
(502) 368-7989
Families work hard so that their elderly relatives can remain living in the community and out of nursing homes. Adult Day Care is a structured program that is designed to help keep frail older persons active in their own home (or that of a caregiver) for as long as possible. The Adult Day setting is a safe, stimulating, and caring environment where senior adults may spend the day. Participants are seniors who enjoy socializing with others while enjoying fun and meaningful activities. Participants with physical concerns benefit from the on-site health care services as well as nutritionally- balanced meals and snacks. ln addition, they are surrounded by a caring staff that chooses to work with seniors. Our professionally trained staff allows us to care for frail seniors when needed.
Gathering Club Adult Day Health Care Center
4940 Hazelwood Avenue, Suite 102
Louisville KY 40214
(502) 365-2586
We're passionate about delivering an exceptional Adult Day Health Care experience. Keeping families together, understanding how much your loved ones mean to you is our "Mission." When you join us, you're with a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver a quality fun filled day for you. From the initial design process, we consider you as guests in our home, and as such respect your wishes for an active, fun-filled day. We apply the most innovative and cutting edge activity program in our monthly calendars along with a Health Package should you decide to go with our specialized therapies. You can rely on our professional team to make recommendations that fit your taste and style but always strive to customize a plan for "you".
Highlands Community Ministries Adult Day Health Center
2000 Douglass Boulevard
Louisville KY 40205
(502) 459-4887
Highlands Community Ministries Adult Day Health Center is part of a larger non-profit corporation. In 1966, the seeds were sown for what is today known as Highlands Community Ministries (HCM). A group of lay people at Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church became concerned about the changing community around their church. They interested their pastor and pastors of five other congregations within the immediate area in seeing what the churches together could do to serve the needs of this changing community. Many people in the community were concerned that there was no safe place for children to play and that the young people roamed the streets with "nothing to do." And so in January 1967 this group of six churches began a cooperative ministry entitled Neighborhood Play and Study Club. In the early months of 1970, the group of six congregations received an affirmative response from the Presbytery of Louisville, for money to develop more comprehensive services within the community. During the years of 1970 and 1971 ministries were developed to serve each age group -- child care, recreational programs, classes, singles clubs, senior citizen activities, and welfare assistance. In 1975, HCM expanded its services for older persons through the development of the Adult Day Center and the Outreach Program for Older Persons. Since that time, HCM has also established a counseling service and constructed apartments for low-income elderly and the handicapped. Presently 26 congregations are members of Highlands Community Ministries, pooling resources of individuals, facilities, and finances to serve people in the Highlands and the greater Louisville area. It truly is a ministry that serves individuals from "cradle to the grave."
Active Day of South Third Street
4028 S. Third Street
Louisville KY 40214
(502) 366-5777
Active Day of South Third St. offers a safe and comfortable environment for individuals who require health care supervision and support service who have chronic conditions with development disabilities. Our center is primarily for individuals with special needs who are transitioning from high school. We also offer a Spring and Summer break program for individuals who are 18 yrs. old and are still in high school.
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