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There are about 2 adult day care providers in EDMONTON.

Edmonton Adult Day Health Care
104 Hill St.
Edmonton KY 42129
(270) 432-3851
Metcalfe County Adult Day Care
770 Industrial Drive
Edmonton KY 42129
(270) 432-2044
As our aging population continues to increase, more and more families are faced with the dilemma of providing care and support to their loved one. In many cases, the person is not in need of permanent long-term care services, and yet, should not be left at home alone. Additionally, some of those being cared for by a family caregiver suffer from depression and withdrawal for a variety of reasons such as worrying about becoming a burden on their family members, not being able to socialize with their peers, and not being active enough with exercise and nutrition. At Metcalfe County Adult Day Care Center, we offer services that allows you to place your loved one with us during the day where they will benefit from social activities, exercise programs, medical monitoring, medication administration, nutritional programs and much more. The best part is that at the end of the day, they will return home to the safety and security of their home with you. Our Adult Day Care Program has an additional benefit of allowing you as a primary caregiver to gain much needed respite from the burden of providing around the clock care services. Some caregivers return to work or rejoin their own social activities, hobbies, and lifestyle. By utilizing the services we provide, many family members have told us that their stress has been greatly reduced and because of that, believe that they have themselves become better caregivers.
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